Tuesday, September 5

September 5th

It's raining today - my new plants therefore are happy. Once we have better weather I'll be planting these out. I visited a friend's garden a couple of months ago and was inspired by her use of grasses amongst the dwarf conifers - I have plans.

The patio - the mammoth task of de-weeding took over the entire weekend - got to the stage of actually lifting off the paving slabs to ensure all roots were removed. Again plans for re-sealing with a mixture of sand/cement together with a weed prevention membrane type of thing.

Serious weeding in the far corner of the garden. Amazing lengths of nettle roots pulled out on Sunday - using these in a green solution for plantfood - came across a very interesting article re stinging nettles here

Bev together with the other 2 gals continues to give us regular eggs - treat today of mealworms.

Jon did a wonderful job on cleaning the Rayburn. I think this will be lit today or tomorrow - coal ordered so I think Summer is leaving us, certainly looking at the falling leaves scattered everywhere.

Off to a presentation this afternoon - remember I asked for votes?
Watch this space!

Monday, September 4


The East Cleveland Scarecrow Festival 2017 was a great success with new villages joining in. I am humbled to be honest and am now referred to as "The Scarecrow Lady!" It could be worse I suppose!

The Scarecrows appeared in Liverton Village - Liverton Mines - Skinningrove - Carlin How - Loftus - Easington - Boosbeck. Guisborough experimented and will join in next year as did Marske by the Sea.

Tuesday, August 15

Liverton Village Hall needs votes!


A real David and Goliath story.
Liverton Village Hall is through to the final 15.
Please help us by voting for us and sharing the link with your friends and contacts.
We are really up against the big boys!


Wednesday, August 2

Meet Betty!

(I am on the left!)
I notice the last time I wrote anything here was May. I seem to get my nose down to a task and when I emerge the days, weeks, even months have passed - well flown by to be precise.

It's Scarecrow time again - our village kicked off the whole East Cleveland Scarecrow Festival last Saturday, 29th July. Our new mayor visited and we raised £800+. A fabulous day!

Friday, May 12

May so far......

All 3 hens are layin an egg a day.

 We have visitors - some days but not all.

 Joan and Dot continue to grow.

Had some nice weather - a spot of sunbathing.

Foraging for worms.

A favourite spot in the field next to our house - usually around 4pm

Noodles for lunch

Library campaign continues 

Local school on our campaign

Planning for 2017 Scarecrow Festival has begun

Bing continue his healthy eating campaign - a frozen bottle of milk

 Our eggs have featured in most meals.

Not your standard jam!

Healthy discovery in the back of my cupboard.

 Healthy eating continues..

  Coffee morning and lunch recently raised £462

So...........busy as ever!
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